Friday, July 2, 2010

Thirty-Three Things That Make Me Smile

One of my friends posted a note on FaceBook with a list of 33 things that make her smile. It has inspired me to do the same. On here. My blog.

Here we go..

1) GOD

2) My Best Friends <3

3) Prayer

4) Music

5)  Long Walks

6) The Oregon Coast

7) Oregon 

8) TeenPact

9) Rainy Days
10) Coffee

11)  Talking 
12) Bear Hugs

13) Writing

14) Blogging

15) Reading

16) Drawing

17) Painting

18) People Smiling at Me

19) Good Morning Texts

20) Good Night Texts

21) Inside Jokes

22) Laughing

23) Dancing in the Rain

24) Good Dreams

25) Being Alive

26) Movies

27) Making Other People Smile

28) Animals

29) My Family

30) Being Crazy

31) Taking Pictures

32) Flying

33) That Moment in the Midst of a Storm When Someone Says "It's going to be okay" and You Know It's True
So there you go. The things that make me smile. I just scrolled back through these and they made smile all over again. God has truly given me a wonderful life.

I'm messing around with widgets, and hopefully I'll be able to put one up with some of the blogs I follow and an mp3 player with some of my favorite songs. I'm still trying to figure out everything about blogging.

Have a blessed day!!

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