Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Can Hear My Savior Calling

There are times when it seems like everywhere you go, you hear somewhat of the same concept over and over again. Finally, it gets to the point where you step back and say, "I think God's trying to tell me something".

That's what has been happening to me for a couple months. God kept pressing an important matter on my heart. He let it pop up everywhere--TeenPact, the books I read, an e-mail, conversations with friends. But I decided not to listen.

I thought I could figure things out by myself. 

But I couldn't. 

I just kept living my life, ignoring God's whispering. There were some things I changed in my life last month, but this matter wasn't one of them. 

But this week was different. 

Last weekend was when I decided to make the change. 

But I was so scared. 

I would have to [by my own volition] approach a couple of my friends.

And talk to them. About something that--truthfully--I would have rather not talked about. 

But I did it. 

Not by myself, though. It took strength and courage that could only come from God to say what I needed to say. 

The reactions I got were not what I expected.        

In a good way. 


So, I have some thank yous to make. 

1) To those who prayed for me.  
   Knowing y'all were encouraging me through prayer really helped me this week. It was what really helped me do what I needed to do. I'm not quite done yet, so your prayers are still coveted. But, I'm doing it. Thank you for praying.

2) To the people I talked to.
     You know who you are. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I had to say. It wasn't easy, saying that to you. But I'm really glad I did. Thank you for listening.

3) Most importantly, GOD.
    You never once have given up on me. You are still shaping and forming me into what You want me to be. I pray that I can be versatile to Your forming of my spirit. Thank you for never giving up. 

I still have one thing to say to someone I've talked to before. But it's just one thing. With God's strength, I can do it. 

When God starts whispering to you, there's a reason.

There's always one more lesson for us to learn.


Because we are sinners. 

Caught in the net of God's love and forgiveness. 

And His Patience.

God will never give up on you.  

When you hear the Holy Spirit calling..



It will be the best thing you've ever done. 

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