Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's To Being Alive

I cry sometimes just to make sure I
Am still alive
My dreams feel so small
Compared to what others have done I
Your words, oh God,
"I am with you always"
Nothing can compare to 
God's amazing love for me when
I fall down He picks me up
And holds
As I cry and comforts me My
Life would be nothing without Him for 
I am nothing without Him my life is but a 
Vapor but He is

I'll admit, I'm a cryer. A sad, movie, a moving sermon, a moment of intense joy, a heartfelt prayer, anything like that bring the tears.

But last night, as I was laying in bed, trying to sleep, I started crying. For what at first seemed like no reason at all. True, I had been letting myself get lost in memories of years gone by. But I haven't cried about that for a long time. Suddenly I realized...why.

I was feeling weak.

So small.

So incapable of anything great.

I realized that once again, I was allowing myself to compare. "She's so much cooler than me", or "I'm a loser next to her", and it goes on. So many people were running through my mind, and with each person that ran by, I compared. As I began to realize what I was doing, I realized why.



Acknowledgment that I can't do this on my own.

I can't revise Esperanza's myself.

I can't write my portion of a co-written myself.

I can't finish highschool, go to college, get married, have a life, or anything...on my own.

I need God every step of the way. 

And many times I walk around with a "I can do this and I don't need anyone else" attitude. But I need God. I can't do anything without God. No one can. I need strength I can only get from Him.

He has called me for a specific purpose in my life. I don't know the details yet, but small portions are revealed with each step. And when I feel like I'm not good enough, or I start comparing, I'll just remember a little something I heard once..

God doesn't call the qualified..

He qualifies the called.

As I cried, I found myself pouring my heart to God, begging Him to give me the strength I need. The strength I need to battle my insecurities, and accomplish every task that is set before me. Because He is the only way I will ever get true strength and confidence.

As for the poem..

As my prayer ended and I began to fall asleep, I felt it pouring into my heart. It was like a vein had been tapped directly into it. The lines break at odd points. But then again, there are two ways to read it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It Is Finished.

I have spent my entire day writing. At first, I worked on the novel I mentioned a few days ago that I am co-writing with a friend. After finishing my first chapter, I had nothing to go off of, as another brainstorming session is in dire need of happening.

So what did I do?

I did the only thing I could do!

Worked on Esperanza's Journey.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I am pleased to announce that:

Esperanza's Journey has been completed!!!!!!!!!

I plan on going back through the entire thing and revising, but I have finally completed the last chapter. It is now a nine-chapter, 48 page allegory just waiting for revision and publication. You cannot even imagine how excited I am right now. I have had many ideas for books before, but have never had enough of an idea to complete one. But now, I have!!!

I'll admit, it's rather short. But, it is an allegory, and those are almost meant to be short. What matters is that I had a story in my heart and I have accomplished in telling it.

I am praising God right now for His faithfulness with this novella. He used a church service to inspire my heart back in March (I will write a post later this week with the full story of the inspiration). This could not have been written without His guidance and leading. I know that He will continue in His faithfulness as I revise and seek publication for this novella. I appreciate your prayers as I begin this process.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.  --William Wordsworth

Monday, July 26, 2010

You Only Have One Heart

There's always something more to learn. Always. God has another lesson, another season just waiting for us around the next bend. This season I am in, I'm not sure what to call it. It was healing. Maybe it still is. I feel like I'm going through a transition, though. Right now, it almost seems like a season of celebration. And of learning. Can it be multiple things? Yes. I think so.

About a month and a half ago, I started learning a really hard lesson. At first, I just waved at it as it passed by. But as time went on, I realized that sooner or later I was going to have to learn this lesson. And so, I picked sooner. I learned the lesson of emotional purity. I should say that I'm still learning it. But I realized (finally) how much I need to work at it. How many mistakes I've been making. How many choices I made that I wish I could take back. This is my greatest struggle.

Last year, I began allowing myself to become close to a young man. Very close. I took our friendship by the leash and skipped on my merry way with no caution. I don't regret being friends with him. I still am. But how close I was to him, that's what I regret. We would text every day, never going a single day without talking. We shared each others triumphs and sorrows. My parents told me to be careful. To take care of my heart. In my head I thought I was doing fine. I didn't like like him, we were just friends, what was the harm? A lot. The harm was a lot.

So I chose to ignore God's whispering. His tap on my shoulder. Until one day, a month and a half ago, He shoved me. Hard. Through an e-mail. From another young man. Telling me something no one had ever told me before. No further contact. It floored me. Knocked me to the ground and would not let me back up. For nearly a week I battled my heart, my conscience, my mind. What had I done? Finally, after many talks with my parents, I wrote him back. Requesting that I know my sin. So I could repent.

It wasn't me. When I read the response, I had to read it a few times to realize what it said. He needed to protect his heart. Oh.


So began God's teaching.

I constantly heard those words in my mind. Protect my heart. I began to I protecting my heart? I thought back to the young man I was so close to. I had been smacked hard with a choice he made in his life. I started allowing the pieces to fall together. I was way too close to this young man. That's why a choice he had made had been a smack instead of a poke. Something that should have been a poke. My thoughts wandered to a third young man. Then it hit me. I was starting to make the same mistake with him. Talk about history repeating itself.

So I had some talks. I talked to the first and third young men mentioned and told them I needed to be careful with my heart. And that I wasn't doing so. And so we drew a line.

Then I went to Endeavor. One session had a talk specifically about relationships with guys and how to protect our hearts. More pieces fell into place. I understood what I had been doing to myself and some of the young men I interacted with.

Guys are not my buddies. Plain and simple. If I need a shoulder to cry on, I'll talk to one of my girlfriends. Which I have an abundance of now. I think a huge reason I struggle so greatly with this is because at one point in my life 98% of my friends were boys. That was a mistake. God is providing with more and more girlfriends to surround myself with all the time. I am greatly blessed by all the girls in my life. I am thankful that God is providing me with people I can relate to. People who will help me grow. Encourage me in my faith. Help me protect my heart.

I will be forever grateful for that e-mail I received. It taught me a lot. I am now focusing on being the right girl. The right girl for the guy that God has for me. Whoever he may be. Because I'm only going to marry one guy. Those other guys? Other girls' husbands. Yup. Maybe if more girls looked at their guy friends like that, there would be less heartache. I know I will be dealing with less.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stretched, But Not Broken

A couple weeks ago, I attended TeenPact's very first Endeavor West. It was truly amazing. God taught me so much just in that one week. Today, I really want to touch on what I learned from Wednesday's theme: Adventurous Beauty.

The morning started out as usual. Well, sort of. I woke up at 6:10 in the morning. That was weird. Especially considering how late all of us had been up the night before. But, instead of wandering back to the sleeping porch to catch a few more winks, I decided to grab my clothes and get ready for the day.

After getting dressed, putting my contacts in, and brushing my hair, I grabbed my Bible, prayer journal, and devotional book. The past couple of days I had been late getting back from "Bonjour" because I was trying to squeeze their devotional they gave us, and my own. I decided to get my routine devotions done so that I could place my full attention on what that day's theme was later in the morning.

After devotions, I hung out in my room and chatted with some of the other girls in my Rendezvous. That was the usual. Breakfast, normal. Then, morning session started. After we sang a few worship songs, Tara gave her talk on that day's theme: Adventurous Beauty. Wow. I'd read what she talked about on Facebook a few months back, but hearing her actually say it was a whole different thing. (Go here to read the note she wrote and read at Endeavor)

When we were dismissed to Bonjour, it was all I could do to keep myself together until I reached my corner. As soon as I settled in, I burst into tears and started praying. I'll say it right now: I did not have a very high opinion of my appearance. I felt I was average or even less than such, and wasn't very pretty. But I realized something that morning. God created my in His image. He created me the way I look for His purpose. I wasn't letting Him use be to my fullest potential because of the way I saw myself. I realize now that no matter what, God thinks I'm beautiful. True beauty is not measured by how thin  you are or aren't, what your face looks like, or what color your hair is. It's measured by who you are on the inside. What your heart looks like.

Thank you, Tara, for sharing your heart in that matter. I know I wasn't the only girl there you blessed.

After Bonjour, we had our breakout sessions. It was letter-writing, and as most of you know, that's "write" up my alley! Our session was finished quickly, though, as Lydia ran in and said that we needed to get ready for the ropes course. I'll just pause here and say that our afternoon adventure was always a surprise, and generally we weren't told what it was until we were almost or actually there. So her saying "You need to get ready for the ropes course!" was a slip-up. But now that I look back, it was a slip-up that turned into a blessing. If things had been said differently, I really don't know how the rest of the afternoon would have played out. All I know, is that it would've been very, very different.

I freaked. Majorly. Instantly, thoughts of "I can't do this", "There's no way I'm going to be able to do a ropes course", "I could sit out and take pictures. Yes, that's what I'll do. I'd rather not make a fool of myself" started running through my head.

I approached Lydia and asked her if I could sit out and just take pictures. She firmly looked me in the eye and said, "Not an option."


She said it again, "Not an option." This time, a little softer. She took me aside and asked me what was wrong. So I told her.

I'm scared.

I can't do it.

People will be watching me....and I don't want them to.

At this point, I had tears running down my face. I thought in my heart that there was no physically possible way I could even attempt a ropes course. No. Stinking. Way. Lydia looked me in the eye again.

"Remember what I said at the beginning of the week?"

I nodded.

"We're going to stretch you. We're not going to break you."

"No one's going to be looking at you. Not every girl here is teeny tiny."

"You can do it."

I nodded. She hugged me. Then I went to my assigned car.

As I was walking, the tears still ran down my face. Lydia's words kept running through my mind. We're not going to break you. You can do it. 

Stauros saw me crying and asked me what was wrong. I shrugged my shoulders, waved my hand around a little bit, unsure of what to say. Then, without another word, she put her arm around me and began to pray. When she was done praying she handed me a tissue for my eyes.

And I got into the car.

And I went to the YWAM (Youth With a Mission) campground.




on a ropes course. 

And I liked it. 

I had fun. I did it. 

Not without a battle, though.

I'll admit, my attitude was still not exactly in the right place when my group got to the low ropes course. I got on it with an "I'm going to fail" attitude. And guess what? My first time going over the elements, I fell off. And had to go to the back of the line. But the second time, I was determined to do it.

My attitude said I can do this.

And I did.

I was stretched, but I was not broken. 

God taught me so much that week. 

But I think this (and one more thing) was the biggest.

I'm climbing out of my little box. 

I'm going to try new things.

And with God's strength, I will succeed.

Thank you, Lydia and Thank you, Stauros, for everything.


I really am sorry it took me this long to start posting again. Life has been well, crazy! Before I end this post, I have a thing or two to say about some stuff in my life that has been super exciting lately.

1) I only have a couple chapters left to write in my novella, Esperanza's Journey. (If you would like to preview the novella, please contact me with your e-mail address and I will send you the first four chapters)

2) A good friend of mine, Kiefer Partridge, and I are co-writing a novel! We're still trying to figure out the story line, but the meat will be in the works hopefully soon. Oh, and did I mention we will be attempting to write it completely via text message? Yup.

3) Every day draws me closer to my senior year of highschool!!! Ya, I just had to say it :)

Hope y'all are having an amazing summer! I'll be writing another post about something I learned from Endeavor (actually, God was already working in my heart about this matter, but everything really came together at Endeavor) very very soon. God bless and have an awesome rest of your day!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Open a Box, Out Comes Memories

The other day, I sat down and looked through six boxes I had of just . . . stuff.

I still have more.

I went through my room and picked up everything. Everything.

My room is clean.

But all those boxes.

I survived going through them.

Nearly every item I held in my hand and distributed into either "get rid of" or "keep" boxes held some sort of memory. I sat there in my living room, finding this toy or that photograph. That stuffed cat I got at the Pacific Science Center. All the "spy gear" from my snoop craze. The friendship book my friends and I only partially filled in.

Here I stopped.

I didn't cry. I felt like doing so. But, it was like I couldn't.

I undid the band holding it shut and cracked it open.

Not every page was filled in. So many are still not done. This little game or that little story. Just waiting to be played and told.

The ones that were filled in brought back so much.

The Mad Lib I did with a girl in my ballet class.

The "I.D." cards many of my friends filled out.

So many pages done by me and my best friend.

All marked with dates in 2007. or 2006. I can't remember.

The pages my best friend and I did draw me in the most. Our fill-ins. The letter she wrote. The ten things about me that made her smile. The fashion drawings. Hot or Not. The list could go on.

What funny little middle-schoolers we were. Happy and care-free. We thought life as we knew it would just last forever. In some ways, it did. In some ways, it didn't.

As I slip the book into my keep box, memories come flooding back. Nothing could defeat us back then. On top of the world.

It's true I miss those days. But I understand why they changed. I wish they hadn't, but they did.

But then again, if they hadn't, my life would be different.

And I love my life as it is now. God has given me so much.

I miss being a kid, but we can't be little forever. Growing up is a fact of life. Something I'm still trying to come to grips with. Good thing I'm only 16 and have time to do so. LOL.

Going through that stuff was good. It gave me some time to sit back and remember times gone by. It also made me look forward to times to come. I can't wait to see what God has around the next bend!!!


Starting tomorrow, I will not have access to a computer until after the 16th of July. That being so, I will not be blogging during this time. I will try to blog about Endeavor (which is where I will be next week) as soon as possible when I get back. A link to my FaceBook pictures will be included in that post. God bless and hope you have a great week!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Pirate's Life For Me

This post is a tad late in coming (like almost a whole week) but better late than never, right?

Last Friday evening, my best friend, sister, and I attended a performance of Pirates of Penzance. The cast and crew did a beautiful job. As usual Valley Musical Theater pulled off an amazing show. But that particular night, they did something even better than just putting on a wonderful show. They helped make a little boy's dream come true.

Joseph is a little boy with heart disease; and he's always wanted to be a pirate. So, when Make-A-Wish Foundation offered him a wish, you can only guess what that was: to become a pirate. This weekend, the full extent of his wish will be fulfilled in Seattle. But last weekend, he was given just a taste of what it would be like with the help of the cast and crew of Pirates of Penzance.

Last Friday's show was a special one. All proceeds from the tickets would go to Make-A-Wish Foundation and "Captain Joseph" would be in attendance. I don't think much of the audience knew just how special that show would be, though. Going there, I expected them to acknowledge Joseph and Make-A-Wish, but they went above and beyond.

Before the show started, when Director Tor was talking about donors, and Joseph and Make-A-Wish, two pirates scurried on stage in a panic. After Tor's coaxing, they revealed that they had stolen the Pirate King's hat and coat! The pirates began searching for someone to hide these belongings. Up and down throughout the audience they ran until..."Captain Joseph!!" One of them cried. "Can you hide the hat coat?" Excited, Captain Joseph nodded eagerly. They handed him the hat and coat and warned the audience not to reveal the location of the hat and coat for Captain Joseph's safety. As the lights dimmed, I peeked over to where Captain Joseph was sitting and watched him put on the hat and coat with great delight. The first act came and went, and intermission began. Twenty minutes later, intermission was over and the second act was ready to begin. But, before it could, the Pirate King and his crew came out on stage, the Pirate King furious! "Who stole my hat and coat??" He cried. Two shaking pirates dropped to their knees in fear. "Ah, so it was you two!" the Pirate King said, "Well, you'll have to help me find them!" Up and down throughout the audience the Pirate King and his crew ran, looking for the hat and coat. "Captain Joseph!" said the Pirate King, "You have them." Captain Joseph looked down at his attire, looked back up and the Pirate King and nodded boldly. "Well then," the Pirate King began, "I challenge you to a duel. The winner gets to keep the hat and coat." The pirates hussled an excited Captain Joseph onto the stage where he was handed a foam sword. And the duel began. Shy at first, Captain Joseph soon got the hang of sword fighting and was quickly the victor! "Captain Joseph is the winner!" the Pirate King cried, "We have a couple things for him. First, a small chest of gold from my own personal stash--be careful with that now--and a ballad." The orchestra began to play and the Pirate King sang a song especially written for Captain Joseph! When the song was done, Captain Joseph was given the chest and song sheet and he scurried back to his seat, the happiest little boy in the world. 

To the Pirates of Penzance cast and crew: What y'all did for that little boy was simply amazing. Watching him drink in everything from the stolen hat and coat to the song written just for him was beautiful. The smile you put on his face and the excitement emanating from every pore on his body was amazing. You really did something wonderful that night. You made a little boy's dream come true. He is never going to forget what you did for him, and neither will the rest of the audience from that night. Keep shining, all of you. Y'all are amazing.

Monday, July 5, 2010

ETERNITY! Straight Ahead: Proceed With Caution

Okay, so I'll be the first to admit that I'm not very good with taking notes in church. Not having notebook but rather using an app on my iPod, it is harder to remember to take notes. But yesterday in church I took notes.

Services in my church are two hours, and I didn't take notes the whole time. I just took notes during the main part of the sermon.

The minister that preached was Merle Flory. I always thoroughly enjoy his sermons. He speaks well and has a way of making you listen (when he is striking a point, he yells. No one falls asleep during one of his sermons.). So the following points and notes are what I wrote down from his sermon on Sunday, July 4, 2010.

What would you do if you were driving down the road and saw a sign that said: "ETERNITY! Straight ahead. Proceed with caution."?

Four Ways We Need to Proceed With Caution

(1) Mark 8:34; Christ called all the people. Not just one elite group.
     I must *will* to come to Jesus
     Nobody can make this decision for me. 
     With my mind I must
     and find pleasure
    to come to Jesus.

(2) I must *deny* myself
      Mark 8:34
      I must
      affirm that I have no acquaintance or connection with,
     lose sight of,
   and say no to

(3) I must take up the cross
     Revelation 9:20-21
     Romans 6:6, 11-13

(4) I must follow Jesus
      Am I just walking around with the envelope, or am I really following Jesus? 
      Am I trying to use an imitation?
      Mark 8:35

The best way to proceed with caution is to seek to have your best life now and by underestimating the worth of your own soul. 

Proceeding with caution means to live for eternity.
It's hard to live for eternity because we are in an adulterous and sinful world and the world is against us. 


Straight Ahead.
Proceed with Caution.
Proceed with Trust.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Can Hear My Savior Calling

There are times when it seems like everywhere you go, you hear somewhat of the same concept over and over again. Finally, it gets to the point where you step back and say, "I think God's trying to tell me something".

That's what has been happening to me for a couple months. God kept pressing an important matter on my heart. He let it pop up everywhere--TeenPact, the books I read, an e-mail, conversations with friends. But I decided not to listen.

I thought I could figure things out by myself. 

But I couldn't. 

I just kept living my life, ignoring God's whispering. There were some things I changed in my life last month, but this matter wasn't one of them. 

But this week was different. 

Last weekend was when I decided to make the change. 

But I was so scared. 

I would have to [by my own volition] approach a couple of my friends.

And talk to them. About something that--truthfully--I would have rather not talked about. 

But I did it. 

Not by myself, though. It took strength and courage that could only come from God to say what I needed to say. 

The reactions I got were not what I expected.        

In a good way. 


So, I have some thank yous to make. 

1) To those who prayed for me.  
   Knowing y'all were encouraging me through prayer really helped me this week. It was what really helped me do what I needed to do. I'm not quite done yet, so your prayers are still coveted. But, I'm doing it. Thank you for praying.

2) To the people I talked to.
     You know who you are. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I had to say. It wasn't easy, saying that to you. But I'm really glad I did. Thank you for listening.

3) Most importantly, GOD.
    You never once have given up on me. You are still shaping and forming me into what You want me to be. I pray that I can be versatile to Your forming of my spirit. Thank you for never giving up. 

I still have one thing to say to someone I've talked to before. But it's just one thing. With God's strength, I can do it. 

When God starts whispering to you, there's a reason.

There's always one more lesson for us to learn.


Because we are sinners. 

Caught in the net of God's love and forgiveness. 

And His Patience.

God will never give up on you.  

When you hear the Holy Spirit calling..



It will be the best thing you've ever done. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thirty-Three Things That Make Me Smile

One of my friends posted a note on FaceBook with a list of 33 things that make her smile. It has inspired me to do the same. On here. My blog.

Here we go..

1) GOD

2) My Best Friends <3

3) Prayer

4) Music

5)  Long Walks

6) The Oregon Coast

7) Oregon 

8) TeenPact

9) Rainy Days
10) Coffee

11)  Talking 
12) Bear Hugs

13) Writing

14) Blogging

15) Reading

16) Drawing

17) Painting

18) People Smiling at Me

19) Good Morning Texts

20) Good Night Texts

21) Inside Jokes

22) Laughing

23) Dancing in the Rain

24) Good Dreams

25) Being Alive

26) Movies

27) Making Other People Smile

28) Animals

29) My Family

30) Being Crazy

31) Taking Pictures

32) Flying

33) That Moment in the Midst of a Storm When Someone Says "It's going to be okay" and You Know It's True
So there you go. The things that make me smile. I just scrolled back through these and they made smile all over again. God has truly given me a wonderful life.

I'm messing around with widgets, and hopefully I'll be able to put one up with some of the blogs I follow and an mp3 player with some of my favorite songs. I'm still trying to figure out everything about blogging.

Have a blessed day!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twenty-Four Hours To Live

All the time we hear ourselves and one another use the word 'tomorrow'. "I'll do that tomorrow." "There's always tomorrow." "You'll have to wait until tomorrow." "Let's talk about this tomorrow." "See you tomorrow!" We all run our lives on the assumption that there will be tomorrow. Not just tomorrow but next week, next month, even next year!

What if we don't have tomorrow?

What if, while I'm writing this or while you're reading this, one of dies? What if Christ comes back? I could write this, post it, walk outside and get hit by a car. Never to live again. Never to see tomorrow. You could keel over dead just there . . . reading. 

Truth is, none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. We're not even guaranteed a single minute. You could have been gone just now. Oh. And now. 

Christ could have rapture all those who are saved right there. Aaaand there. 

Still here? How about now? If you're still alive, it's a miracle. Really, it's a blessing. God gave you the past however many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds you've been alive. God is giving you whatever amount of time you have left.

Are you breathing?

Check your pulse. 

Is your heart still beating? 


Or . . . 

is it bad? 

Somebody died today. 

Someone is dying. 

Does that make you think? 

It should. 

You still with me? 

You are blessed. 

What if I told you that you have 24 hours to live? 
This question is asked all the time. Nothing new. But have you ever really thought about it? Twenty. Four. Hours. Left. That's it. After that, there's no more. 

Well, except the Judgement. 
That's right. You're going to be judged for everything you've done in your life. By God. 

Are you ready?? 

What is 'being ready'? 

'Being ready' means that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. 

What does that mean?

How do I do that?

Wait a minute . . .     
Why will we be judged?

Because we are sinners. 
Romans 3:10* "As it is written, there is none righteous, no, not one."
No one is exempt from this statement. We fall short of God's Holiness.
Romans 3:23* "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

Why are we sinners? 

Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. Because of this, man has fallen. Our first 'parents' were sinners, so we inherited sin from them. We are all born sinners, and because of this, we will all die. 
Romans 5:12* "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned." 

Because we are sinners we all deserve to spend eternity in Hell. But Jesus Christ has offered us the gift of eternal life in Heaven. 
Romans 6:23* "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

How can He do that?

Jesus Christ offers us eternal life because He died and rose again for our sins. He took the punishment and died in our places. Jesus is offering everyone in the world the greatest gift of all--eternal life in Heaven. 

How does one accept that gift?

I cannot say it any better than Romans 10:9-13*
(9)"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
(10) For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
(11) For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed.
(12) For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon Him
(13) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

So, back to the original thought. Twenty-four hours to live. Are you ready? What if that twenty-four hours was twenty-four minutes? Twenty-four seconds?  Ready?

There's going to be a day when we have no time left. What will you do with the little time you have? Will you spend it serving God? Or serving self? 

It's your choice. 

I just hope you make the right one.

You still alive?

Thank God for that minute.

That breath.

That heartbeat.                     

*All verses used are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.