Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Pirate's Life For Me

This post is a tad late in coming (like almost a whole week) but better late than never, right?

Last Friday evening, my best friend, sister, and I attended a performance of Pirates of Penzance. The cast and crew did a beautiful job. As usual Valley Musical Theater pulled off an amazing show. But that particular night, they did something even better than just putting on a wonderful show. They helped make a little boy's dream come true.

Joseph is a little boy with heart disease; and he's always wanted to be a pirate. So, when Make-A-Wish Foundation offered him a wish, you can only guess what that was: to become a pirate. This weekend, the full extent of his wish will be fulfilled in Seattle. But last weekend, he was given just a taste of what it would be like with the help of the cast and crew of Pirates of Penzance.

Last Friday's show was a special one. All proceeds from the tickets would go to Make-A-Wish Foundation and "Captain Joseph" would be in attendance. I don't think much of the audience knew just how special that show would be, though. Going there, I expected them to acknowledge Joseph and Make-A-Wish, but they went above and beyond.

Before the show started, when Director Tor was talking about donors, and Joseph and Make-A-Wish, two pirates scurried on stage in a panic. After Tor's coaxing, they revealed that they had stolen the Pirate King's hat and coat! The pirates began searching for someone to hide these belongings. Up and down throughout the audience they ran until..."Captain Joseph!!" One of them cried. "Can you hide the hat coat?" Excited, Captain Joseph nodded eagerly. They handed him the hat and coat and warned the audience not to reveal the location of the hat and coat for Captain Joseph's safety. As the lights dimmed, I peeked over to where Captain Joseph was sitting and watched him put on the hat and coat with great delight. The first act came and went, and intermission began. Twenty minutes later, intermission was over and the second act was ready to begin. But, before it could, the Pirate King and his crew came out on stage, the Pirate King furious! "Who stole my hat and coat??" He cried. Two shaking pirates dropped to their knees in fear. "Ah, so it was you two!" the Pirate King said, "Well, you'll have to help me find them!" Up and down throughout the audience the Pirate King and his crew ran, looking for the hat and coat. "Captain Joseph!" said the Pirate King, "You have them." Captain Joseph looked down at his attire, looked back up and the Pirate King and nodded boldly. "Well then," the Pirate King began, "I challenge you to a duel. The winner gets to keep the hat and coat." The pirates hussled an excited Captain Joseph onto the stage where he was handed a foam sword. And the duel began. Shy at first, Captain Joseph soon got the hang of sword fighting and was quickly the victor! "Captain Joseph is the winner!" the Pirate King cried, "We have a couple things for him. First, a small chest of gold from my own personal stash--be careful with that now--and a ballad." The orchestra began to play and the Pirate King sang a song especially written for Captain Joseph! When the song was done, Captain Joseph was given the chest and song sheet and he scurried back to his seat, the happiest little boy in the world. 

To the Pirates of Penzance cast and crew: What y'all did for that little boy was simply amazing. Watching him drink in everything from the stolen hat and coat to the song written just for him was beautiful. The smile you put on his face and the excitement emanating from every pore on his body was amazing. You really did something wonderful that night. You made a little boy's dream come true. He is never going to forget what you did for him, and neither will the rest of the audience from that night. Keep shining, all of you. Y'all are amazing.

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