Friday, November 5, 2010

Great is God's Faithfulness

Great is Thy Faithfulness has recently become my favorite hymn. Every word oozes the everlasting, unending faithfulness of God. It praises God, thanking Him for His eternal faithfulness. The other day, I was thinking about the hymn, considering what I would say if questioned by an unbeliever about God's faithfulness. The words of the hymn continued coursing through my mind. But in a different way. As if I was speaking to someone, telling him of God's faithfulness, instead of speaking to God, praising Him for His faithfulness. I found my journal and a hymnbook and began re-writing the hymn. The message is still the same, but this time it speaks directly to an unbeliever.

Verse 1
Great is God's faithfulness, He is my Father;
I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He will not leave me;
He doesn't change, His compassion never fails;
He will forever be who He has always been--God.

Great is God's faithfulness;
Great is God's faithfulness;
Every morning I awaken to see His abundant mercies renewed;
Everything I've needed God has provided;
Great is God's faithfulness to me!

Verse 2
As the summer, winter, spring, and harvest pass by,
And the sun, moon, and stars continue in their ways;
They all join nature with an abundant testimony;
Testimony of God's faithfulness, mercy, and love!

verse 3
My sin has been pardoned and I'm surrounded by an enduring peace;
God's sweet presence alone cheers and guides me;
I have strength for today and a bright hope for tomorrow;
He has blessed me abundantly with many more around the corner!

I wouldn't try to sing this with the original tune. As the metering and such goes, it's completely different from the original song. Maybe someday I'll find music that matches.

I hope as you read these new words that the message of the song is still the same. This song is a living testimony to what God has done in my life. He has been forever faithful and has never changed. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He will continue to be the faithful, unchanging God.

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