Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Believe

i believe.

Those two words are so powerful.

I want to run outside and run down my road yelling it at the top of my lungs

I believe!

I'll shout it from on top of the nearest hill. I want everyone to know.

I Believe!!

Go outside.

Look around.

Do you believe?

God is real.

Ladies and gentlemen, God. Is. REAL.

Do you believe?

Have you been outside lately? Have you seen the trees? The birds? The hills? Creation?

God made that.

Look in the mirror.

See that person peeking back at you?

God made them. And guess what? That's you.

God. Made. YOU.

God. Loves. YOU.

Do you believe?

How could you not?

All around, nature screams that she has a Creator.

Did you wake up this morning?

Are you alive?

Does this world exist?


How could it?

If there is no God, how could any of this exist?

Something cannot randomly come out of nothing.

It has to be made.

God made the universe. The earth. Nature. You. Me. Everything.

Do you believe?


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