Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Kind Of Friends We Used To Be (part 1)

It's weird. It's really weird. A year ago, you were my best friend in the whole world. I barely talked to anyone else. Maybe that's where I made the mistake. Making you my only friend. Letting you be exclusive to me.


But now... now it's like we barely know each other. It's weird how we've both moved on. Like it never even happened. I have my friends, you have yours. It's not like we're not friends. But it's different. I'll never forget the day when we confirmed we could no longer be best friends. That you couldn't be my buddy. And I couldn't be yours.

It's funny. I didn't cry. I guess by then, I'd cried so much, all the tears had been drained out of my eyes. And now, it's like we barely know each other. True, we can still easily converse. But, those silent pauses aren't the comfortable silence they once were.

They're almost awkward. Each of us wondering what on earth to say next.

I have people I love so much. They're the best friends I could ever have. Something I've always wondered is, what it's like for you. Watching me interact with these people on Facebook. Knowing that they're my best friends. And that you and I barely talk. I half want to ask you. But I'm not going to. Those days of knowing every thought the other thinks are over. But watching you interact with other people, it's weird. Sometimes, I read the comments and consider how that used to be me. Once, I even imagined how the conversation would've gone had the other person been me. Only once though.

I keep saying it's weird... but it is. Knowing that a year ago...six months ago...we were inseparable. And now... we're not. Everything's different now.

But that's okay.

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  1. This sounds like it's coming from my very own mouth. I just went through a terrible period of losing my best friend. We were inseparable. I was still mourning the loss of her in my life when God restored the friendship. Sure, it's a bit rocky and such, but I'm amazed at how God works. I'm so happy to have her back as a friend... *sigh* life is so odd.