Thursday, September 9, 2010

As the Summer Light is Fading..[part 2]

Well, the fair is over. I had a blast. I made new friends, hung out with old friends, rode the rides, won ribbons, took pictures, ate a minimal amount of fair food, and functioned on very little sleep. As I am doing right now. ::sighs::

But really.

The fair was amazing. Definitely the best fair I've ever had. It leaves me excited for next year.


There won't be a next year.

Because I'll be at college.

Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

I will really, really miss participating in the fair as a 4-H'er. Getting up at six am to feed my animals, hanging out all day, sunburning within an inch of my life, showing my goats, displaying my photos, spending endless hours with my friends...all of it. I won't be able to attend for at least six years.

Maybe more.

And when I come back, I'll be an adult. I won't be in 4-H.

It's weird to think about.

Some of the funniest memories I've had have come from my years participating in the fair. Here are some of my favorite quotes/memories from the week...

Will and I switching names and insisting that everyone call us by our "new" names.

Buying aviators with Dylan, Will, Kiba, and Burke and then asking the operator (who spoke very little English) of the stand to take our picture together.

"Dylan, can I mug you?" --Kiba and me

"Christian side hug!! ONE! TWO! THREE!" --Dylan and me

My goat eating a cost sheet while I attempt to give my sharing activity.

Cutting clovers the night before the fair.

"We's dun bin edjumacated down in Wyomin'!" --The goat judge relaying her experiences judging at the Wyoming state fair

"I gotta tell ya...she's weird! And I've seen weird!" --A carnie in reference to Nicole

"Look, kids! Teenagers in their natural habitat!" --A random dad to his kids when Val, Emma F, and Nicole were taking a nap in the sleeping area

(A mom and her two kids start looking at the goats..)
Four-year-old girl: look, mommy, look! PIGS!
Mom: No honey, those aren't pigs..
Nine-year-old boy: they're SHEEP!

"What are steers?" --random girl

"Pick your stranger!" --Me, Emma F, and Emma K

"This is getting uncomfortable.."
"Ya, it is..."
"I was thinking painful."
"Oh..I was thinking awkward.." --Will and me on the Octopus

Emma F and I going on the little kid-ish rides.

Emma F and I deciding that we would be cool parents and ride the rides with our future children.

David photobombing everyone.

The Ferris Wheel. 'Nuff said.

Playing "Zombie Farm" in the sitting area in the goat barn.

Teaching Micah and Mitch how to show goats.

DJ and I attempting to meet up...and failing epically.

Me trying to find Kiba whilst on the phone with him and discovering he was no more than ten feet away.

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