Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As the Summer Light is Fading..[part 1]

Well, here we are. It's the end of August, summer is almost over. For some, it's already ended. For myself and others, we're hanging on to the last weak threads of our carefree sunny summer days.


I'm typing this on my lunchbreak at work.
I've cried more this summer than I have for a long time.
I'm running around like a crazy person trying to get ready for county fair.



I didn't have to do school for two months. That was nice.

But now...

I have two and a half weeks left.

And then I have school.

Not just school.

My senior year of highschool.

Where did that come from??

Wasn't I just a freshman?

Apparently not..

This summer has There really are no words for what this summer has been for me.



Those words don't even begin to describe it. On my last day or so of summer, I'll write a more detailed post.

You know, when I have time.

(Free time? What's that??)


There are many, many people who contributed to my summer. They are who made it what it has been.

Here are just a few of these people...

Aaaaaaalllll my Endeavor girlies <3 (that's right, all 30 of ya, plus moms and staff).
Lydia Shanks.
My parents.
Anyone who works for TeenPact.
Mrs. Reich.
And I could go on for a very long time...

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to write a little note to each of the most prominent people in my summer as I blog about it. Hmm. This is definitely going to be a series. Yes. Starting today. Mhm. This was the first post. Yes. I will detail my summer by events. One even for each post in the series. Okies.

(note: order of mention does not equal order of importance of people. You all are equally amazing to me. Except God. He's number one by far.)

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