Friday, September 10, 2010

What is Love?

Yesterday, I posted this question on my Facebook page, asking my friends to sum it up in one sentence if they could.

I have a theory. That theory is, every single person in the world perceives love in a different way. In some instances, the differences could be slight, but they're still there. Every single person's life plays out differently. Even twins have differences in how their lives play out. From the minute we are born we begin establishing our worldview and it never stops growing and changing until the day we die. What happens to us, how we react to things, how we are raised, and who we are around determines how we perceive the world.

This includes how we perceive love.

I received about nine responses to the question posted on my Facebook page. I'll list these responses, along with the responders' name, age, and maybe a bit of background information about them.

Love is the willingness (if necessary) to die for a person, an object, or an idea. --Jonathan Sloat (age, 19; Christian; Republican; involved in TeenPact; lives WA state)

It's not only thinking about the recipient of that love, but it's not thinking about yourself at all. --Hope Martin (age, aprox 15 or 16; Christian; involved in TeenPact; lives in VA)

Love is the feeling you get when you smell a Qudoba beef burrito. --Isaac Sloat (age, 17; Christian; Republican; involved in TeenPact; lives in WA state; professional goof-ball)

Love is having a love for someone that's unconditional. --Will Barnes (age, aprox 14; Christian; Independant; lives in WA state, formerly from SC)

Love, boundless and free. Jesus came for you and for me. It is love, love, love. --Mrs. Kyeong Fischer (a mom; Christian; Conservative; eldest child is a freshman in college, other child in highschool; lives in MI)

John 15:13 - Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. --Grace Bartels (age, 18; Christian; involved in TeenPact; lives in WA)

God is love. --Katy James (age, aprox 15; Christian; involved in TeenPact; lives in WY)

The absence of hate. --Logan Denlinger (age, 16; Christian; raised in formerly German Baptist Home; lives in WA state)

The ability to be able to put up with the other person's B.S. --Rico Haney (a dad; four children; lives in Oregon)

It's true, many of these responses can all be grouped into a category, but they all have differences. Many of those who responded all agree that God holds the one true love. But thoughts on what love is seems to come in many forms and ideas. I believe strongly that love is a choice. Many would agree with me. But when it comes to an act of love or showing love, it all branches to different ideas and perceptions.

The greatest example of love is, like I said before, God. We should all strive to imitate His perfect love.

Love that holds no conditions.
Love this is boundless.
Love that holds grace.
Love that holds no hate.
Love that does not think of self.
Love that sacrifices one's own wants so that another can be happy.
True love.

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