Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama vs. Arizona (Whose Side Are You On?)

Recently, the state of Arizona passed a law that--in a nutshell--confirmed that illegal immigration was in fact, illegal. I approve of this law for obvious reasons. But, just in case these reasons are not so obvious, let me clarify:
  1. The word illegal means you cannot do it. It is against the law. If you do it, expect to get in trouble.
  2. There needs to be a bigger crackdown on illegal immigration. It is a real problem that needs to be addressed. 
Okay, so it's a good law. It will help prevent illegal immigration. So what's all the fuss about? That, I am not entirely sure about. There are a few possibilities. One may explain why the Obama administration has filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona.

  1. Maybe people don't understand the law, which is understandable. People might see it as making any and all foreign immigration into the state of Arizona illegal. Not true. All the law does is place a firmer crackdown on illegal immigration. Foreigners can still immigrate there, just not illegally. Because that's, you know, illegal.
  2. There are people who think we should let anyone who wants to live do as such. There are some big problems with this idea. There are reasons we can't let everyone who "wants" to live here do so.
  • Terrorism 
  • Some who want to immigrate here have a criminal record. They haven't necessarily changed their terrible ways. 
  • Drug traders
  • We just can't hold everybody!!
You know, another thing is that people confuse immigration with gaining citizenship. They are two different things. True, a person does one to achieve the other, but they are not the same. A person can live here without being a citizen. Just come here through the correct legal process, and it's all good! I know some of you are thinking, "well, she was born here, so it's pretty easy for her to say that. She doesn't know what people in other countries go through." It's true. I don't. I can't relate to those who live in third world countries, or any other country for that matter. But one thing I do know is that God has set down rules for us to follow and He has set up people to enforce these rules. If you want to know the honest-to-goodness, for reals truth, I'll tell ya. If you go about immigration the way it's supposed to be done,  it causes a lot less heartache.

If I wasn't disgusted with the Obama administration before (which I was), I am now. He is chipping away at our nation's foundation. Whatever nation we emerge from his administration as, it won't be a very good one.


  1. I think you mean 'live here,' not 'live.'


  2. Yes, yes I do . . . thanks for pointing that out