Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Task Left Unfinished

Or, in this case, a post.

Or, in the actuality of this case, multiple posts.

In my archives, I have recently discovered several blog posts I have left unfinished and thus unpublished.

In accordance with this, I have also recently read a well-written, well thought out blog post on sluggishness.

All of this brings me to a conclusion.

I must finish these posts.

So, my next several posts will be posts I have started but did not finish.

And, I'm sure you're scratching your head and wondering.. and why is she telling us this?

It's partially to keep me accountable.

Go ahead, ask me if I've finished my unfinished posts.

Look for 'em published on my blog.

The other reason is difficult to explain.

Maybe it's because my unfinished blog posts give evidence to the scattered way I tend to run my life.

Sitting on my kitchen table is unfinished math homework.

Waiting for me in the school room are unfinished (or even unstarted) English essays.

Unfinished classes (well, that gives evidence of the unfinished school year, which is logical since it's May 1).

There's a saved file on my desktop. It's an unfinished Inkscape tutorial drawing.

Bookmarked on my web browser are websites I haven't finished fully checking out.

Items I haven't finished deciding whether or not to purchase.

An Inkscape tutorial I haven't finished.

Waiting for me are unfinished e-mails, books, lists, and designs.

People call me a busy person.

A hard act to follow.

The kind of person who runs from here to there without stopping.

But in my wake, I leave the unfinished.

Prioritizing the things I want to do, and leaving the rest by the wayside.

Truth is, I'm a bit of a flake.

Okayyy, a lot of a flake.

Have you ever heard me say, "Oh, I need to e-mail so-and-so" or "I'll text/call you about that!" or "You bet I'll get it done!" only to wait, and wait, and wait?

Sure, I get things done.

But at what cost?

How much time do I take to do something that would take almost none if I would just do it?

I think my biggest problem is I recognize that I need to do something, but then don't do it. Or delay when I do it.

I even procrastinate with things that will benefit me.

I'm currently losing weight. But how many years did it take for me to actually get on the stick and get it done? More than I'd like to admit.

I applied for college, got accepted, and made the deposit to officially reserve my space. But how many months did it take for me to get the application in? How close to the deposit deadline was I when it was finally made? Too many. Too close.

I got the FAFSA filled out. But how long after the ideal time to fill it out (before March 1) did I wait? Almost two months.

I am a procrastinator of the professional kind.

A legendary flake.

But no more.

I'm sick of my own "I don't care" and "I'll do it later" attitude.

Things are going to get done in a timely manner.

Nothing will be left half way done any longer.

My blog posts will be completed.

My math homework will be finished.

My senior year will be annihilated.

My room will become a sparkling example of cleanliness (and stay that way).

But I won't do any of this by myself.

I can't stop being a flaky, uncaring procrastinator on my own.


I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me. (Phil 4:13)

This verse means that any things that strengthens me can be done through Christ. I'm not going to do any of this on my own. Christ will lift me up and give me the strength to reach my goal and stick with it.

[The unfinished posts will begin tomorrow.]

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