Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Little Nonsense Once in a While...

While I was job shadowing at the capitol, it was fantastic to see the legislatures as real people. They laughed and joked amongst each other (at least... the Republicans did. We all know that Democrats are just a bunch of old, heartless cronies ;) [note for those of you with no sense of humor: THAT WAS A JOKE!]).

Haha.. aaanyway..

Watching and listening to these men and women interact with each other (and me..) a lot of hilarious things were said. So today, I present to you:

Quotes from the Capitol!

I think the Democrats are responsible for the raccoon attacks.
Random Staffer

I like you people over here on the R side. 
You're nicer... your water tastes better...
Previously mentioned Random Staffer

The Democrats have raided us for our cups!!

Rep. DeBolt: Rep. Parker, if you're swiping snacks again, I'm going to kick you out of this office!!
Rep. Parker: Who says I'm swiping snacks??
Rep. DeBolt: I saw you slipping one in your pocket yesterday!
Rep. Parker: I needed one for the floor!!

Rep. Hinkle: (introducing me to someone) This is my shadow!
Security Guard: Hi, Shadow!

Rep. Hinkle: (once again, introducing me to someone) This is Rose Johnson, she's my shadow for the next couple of days.
Another Rep: Funny, I always thought you would cast a longer shadow..

Backstory: I had run back to grab Rep. Hinkle's iPad. 
When I'm about three feet away from catching up to him, I hear this: 
Random Rep.: Where's your shadow? Aren't shadows supposed to right next to you?
Rep. Hinkle: This one runs errands for me. 

Don't let him corrupt you!!
Republican Caucus

I say we pass some legislation that says that all staffers should have cute accents. 
Head of Ways and Means Committee

Oh good, he hasn't scared you away yet!
Random Republican Representative 

The Speaker is about to lock the roll-call machine. ::long pause:: 
The Speaker is reaaaallly close to locking the roll-call machine. ::another long pause:: 
Speaker of the House 
(the Rep. in question wasn't paying attention)

And then there was that time it took all the will-power I had not to "slug-bug" my representative..
But... we're not discussing that..
(note: I was [miraculously] able to resist)

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