Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Wondrous Love!

Today is Valentine's Day. The day dedicated to love. Normally, this day is targeted towards those who are married, engaged, or have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

But as a single person, where does that leave me and the millions of other single people? Feeling left out and possibly depressed. But what if I said that this day can be for us too? You heard me. Valentine's Day is for couples and singles alike. Why? Because we all have Someone who loves us unconditionally. Someone who will never stop loving us no matter what we do.

His name is Jesus.
He loves you so much, He died so that you could live.

There is not greater love than His love for us.

As a single, I can celebrate and fully delight in His love for me and the knowledge that He has a plan for me and my life. Even in the area of marriage. Would I like to be in love with a special guy right now? Of course! I think every girl dreams of her special guy, her wedding, and all the children she'll have.

But right now, my special man is Jesus. He's my best friend. Someday, there will be another man too. My true love. The one who I will spend the rest of my life with.

I really like Greek mythology. There's something about the stories that have been passed down for so long that fascinates me. Maybe it's the romantic quality about all of them. There's one particular story that has been my favorite ever since I heard it:

When [God] first created humans, they all had four legs, four arms, four eyes, two mouths, two noses, etc. But [God] decided these people were too strong; too powerful. So He split them all in half. And now, we run about the earth searching for our other half: our soul-mate.

While obviously I don't believe Greek mythology, I love this story because it really gives a simple, yet in-depth description of what love is. What marrying someone and spending the rest of your life with that person is: finding your soul-mate.

Singles, think about this: at this very, exact moment, the person who are going to marry is living and breathing on this earth. He or she has a life, friends, and family. This person exists. He or she is right here, on earth, right now; waiting for you. Think about that for a moment.

God knows where this person is, what's going on in their life, and when you will meet them.

Something that many Christian singles are encouraged to do is pray for their future spouse. This helps this unknown person become more real to them. I recently made a decision that takes this even further. I purchased a special journal, and today, I will begin to write letters to my future husband. On our wedding night, I will present him with this journal, having filled it with letters written especially for him.

For me, this makes him, whoever he may be, that much more real. It makes me realize that only one man is going to become my husband and will help me protect my heart and keep it pure.

So today, on Valentine's Day, when most singles take time to wallow in sorrow, take time to rejoice! Singleness is sacred, and something you will have only for a short time. Rejoice in the Lord and be glad for this time you have to reach out and immerse yourself in as much as you want! Become content with your singleness. Your special someone will come in God's timing.

Happy Valentine's Day. 

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  1. Wonderful Autumn! =) I'm so tired of people calling today "Singles Awareness Day", I'd rather avoid the pity party.

    I keep a journal of love letters too! I've been writing them since July. I like to add things like quotes, and doodles, and song lyrics. It's the best thing I've found to channel my feelings, toward the person they belong to. =)