Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I love rain. 

Most people find it gloomy. 

But every time it rains, my face breaks out in a grin 
as memories flood through my mind's eye and warm my soul. 
Some of my best memories have come with rain. 

Dancing in the middle of a downpour during the best week of my life, 
then walking to session, my hair dripping, 
my clothes sagging, the wettest person there. 

Running through a raging storm, splashing in nearly knee-deep puddles 
as I made my way through Washington, D.C., 
surrounded by friends, all of us dressed in our best.

Sitting in an amphitheater, writing and practicing a speech. Clouds were just gathering, the wind picking up, a few drops hitting my nose. I had thought myself completely relaxed as I timed my words. But a friend's voice behind me made me scream, jump up, start to run, then burst into laughter as we both shook our heads at my over-reaction.

Running through a downpour, holding my tiny umbrella, another friend's hand gripped over mine, stumbling, laughing, trying to reach the stone legislative building ahead, getting wet despite our efforts.

Standing in a torrential downpour, trying to transfer luggage to another car, laughing as a parent ordered his son to do something before realizing it was the child hadn't seen for a week.

Singing in the middle of a parking lot. 

Riding Splash Mountain over and over and over again, 
not caring how wet I got. 
Just happy to be having a great time. 

Walking arm in arm with a close friend I rarely see, 
talking about anything and everything as rain gently fell. 

Rain is my friend.

Whenever it pours, my heart fills with smiles and laughter..

Memories that I will never forget.

Memories that will always make me love rain.


  1. Excellent blog post, and I must say that I feel the same way about rain. It makes me happy when the rain is outside and I can watch the water come down from heaven. God has also provided me with many memories in the rain. <3 :)

  2. This made me smile :) Brought to mind many memories!