Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Sorry

To all of my brothers in Christ:

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for every time one of us girls 
has done something that has caused you to stumble.

I'm sorry for every time we've broken one of your hearts.

I'm sorry for every time society blamed you for girls' low self-esteem. 

I'm sorry for every time you haven't been able to look at us 
because of our immodest clothing.

I'm sorry for all the times you had to cry in pain 
because we girls were setting ourselves up as stumbling blocks. 

I'm sorry for every time one of us girls 
took your authority away and dominated over you.

I'm sorry for confusing you.

I'm sorry for every time we didn't give you a chance to be chivalrous.

I'm sorry we don't try to understand.

I know just one girl among billions saying she's sorry 
won't make much of a difference. 
But I really am sorry. 
We girls don't make it easy for you guys. 
Instead of being the encouraging support woman was made to be, 
we are your greatest stumbling block. 

For you, my Christian brothers, my heart breaks. 

Like I said, 
I know one apology 
won't make much of a difference, 
but it needed to be offered. 

To any guy 
who has struggled, stumbled, or fallen 
with the influence of the girls, 
I'm sorry.

You don't know how much I am sorry.

In sisterly love,
a Christian sister


  1. Amen. I would like to add my name to the apology, for all the things I have done as well. I pray that never again will I willfully be a stumbling block to my dear brothers.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. May I share this with some friends?

  3. Well I just typed up this big thank you and it disappeared. So here's the short version...

    I'm a 17 year old guy, and I have been going through a painful struggle lately, and I've been praying and praying, and God has been helping me through it. And it means the world to know that there are more Christian girls who are mindful of our struggles and who will look out for us instead of using our weaknesses for personal gain. You said one apology won't make a difference, but trust me, it does :) Thank you so so much for sharing what God put on your heart! He is using it in my life to help me through this battle, so take great joy knowing that God is using you in the lives of others :) I'll sure be thanking God for you and your heart for Him, and praying that He will be with you and show you how to impact countless people for Him :)
    Andy Izard (I'm not anonymous, i just don't have a profile :)

  4. Wow Rosie, Thank you for sharing this with the world, for the world really needs to hear this and so did I.

    I want to sign my name and say I am sorry to all guys that I have trampled on. Please forgive me and I will try to better in the future. As a girl, I don't understand the minds of guys so if you could help me and others girls to understand what helps or hinders from me and other like-minded girls I want to say a really big Thank You.