Thursday, April 21, 2011

Christianity: A Label or a Lifestyle?



1. of, pertaining to, or derived from Jesus Christ or His teachings
2. decent; respectable
3. human; not brutal; humane

1. a person who believes in Jesus Christ; adherent of Christianity
2. a person who exemplefies in his or her life the teachings of Christ. 
(definitions from

What is a Christian? Is a Christian merely someone who says that they are? Is he someone who is decent? Is he the person who goes to church and says he believes?

Or is he the person who lives what he says he believes?

Everyday, people walk around wearing the label "Christian" on their chests. They walk around saying that they believe in God and His power and will and the Bible. But in their next breath, they're telling raunchy jokes, swearing, and running around causing trouble. Please don't look around and think that this is not happening: because it is. 

When I log into my Facebook page, I scroll through a feed of posts from many different people from many walks of life. I know a variety of people: both Christian and not. I recently had a disturbing realization. I can open two separate tabs on my browser with one tab open to the profile of a non-Christian friend and the profile of a Christian friend and the profiles will be so much the same. I'm not talking about the layout or anything like that.

I'm talking about the posts.

Friends, this disturbs me. A lot. 

And be ye not conformed to this world: 
but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, 
that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Romans 12:2

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. 
If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
1 John 2:15

Be ye not conformed!

Love not the world!

Friends, are you listening?

To be a Christian is to be the very essence of different!

Christians are called to make a difference in this world! We are to reach out to the world and win souls for Christ! 

If we are acting just like the world, how are we supposed to do this? 

The answer is simple: we can't. 

We cannot live like the world and expect to produce spiritual fruit. 

We are to live as called people!! Because, if one is truly redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, that is exactly what one is: a called person. 

But, what are we called to do?

We are CALLED!

Called to:
Look different.
Act different.
Talk different.
Dress different. 
Live different.

Friends, you have to choose.
You have to choose between the things of God and the things of this world. 

A True Christian is someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit.
Does someone with the Holy Spirit in them:
Tell raunchy jokes?
Purposely cause trouble?
Listen to music from blatantly anti-Christian artists?
Listen to any music with lyrics that contain swearing, innuendos, or portray sin in a good light?
Allow themselves to be associated with those who are known to be trouble?*
Tell rude jokes about a person (and I mean any person--celebrities included)?


A person filled with the Holy Spirit repelled by these things. These are not merely trivial things. These are things that go directly against God's Word.

Friends, I am extremely concerned about the spiritual well-being of my peers. Christians and non-Christians alike. My generation is falling into a downward spiral. We are running down a path to destruction. 

I encourage you to get rid of the conforming habits in your life. But don't just decide to get rid of them. Doing so by yourself will only take you on a u-turn. Life lived right is not achieved on one's own. This is something you can only achieve through the use of God's strength. 

Here's something my mom told me once about changing in the strength of God:
Imagine your struggles are all old, unwanted objects. Now, put them all in a box. Take that box, and lay it down at the throne of God. And leave it there. Don't come back for it. Don't pick it up again. Don't open it. Leave all of your troubles to God. Let Him guide you down the path to deliverance. Let Him give you the strength to break away from the world. 

Christians are chosen people. Now, go act like one. 

Ye have not chosen me, 
but I have chosen you, 
and ordained you, 
that ye should go and bring forth fruit, 
and that your fruit should remain: 
that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, 
He may give it you.
John 15:16

*NOTE: I am not saying a Christian should not be around those who aren't Christians. I'm saying that people who aren't Christians are not the people who should be our best friends or the ones whom when others think of you, they think of those people and their actions and think of them like you. 

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