Friday, December 3, 2010

The Kind of Friends We Are (part 1)

My mom kept saying God had a reason for that horrible day. But when it was happening, all I could think about was that I had missed my flight, my new was kept getting delayed, I was stressed out, tired, and couldn't stop crying. The day was progressively getting worse and worse. But every time I talked to my mom she would the same thing.

God has a reason in all this. He is in control.

When I finally got to the camp, my luggage had not. It was still in North Carolina. In another plane. Evening session was almost over. Dinner was long over. Not that I was hungry. I did the motions through the end of evening session and then through coffee house. Finally, I dragged myself to the girl's dorms, searching for my room. Finally, I found it. Instantly I was confronted by twelve other girls staring at me. I moved through the room, stuttering out my story.

My only possessions in the world at that moment were the clothes I was wearing and whatever was in my backpack.

I didn't even know if there was an extra bunk for me.

There were two left.

Blindly, I picked the bunk in the back corner. Above you.

You lent me a pair of sweatpants. Encouraged me. Let me follow you to breakfast the next morning. By the end of the week, you had become my best friend.

God had a reason for me missing my flight. For my next flight getting delayed. For me losing my luggage. God had you.

You have blessed me more than you will ever know. Even though you live so far away, we've only grown closer since that week. Thank you so much for your beautiful friendship.

Your godly example.

Your affirmation.

I thank God every day for you. I pray for you.

I love watching God work through you and your life and example. Keep living for Him.

Love you <3

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