Sunday, October 17, 2010

Superbly Seventeen

Yesterday I turned seventeen. Crazy. I don't feel all that different. Yet. It's kind of weird being only one year away from being eighteen. The age many people have mistaken me for since I was almost fourteen. I wonder how old people will think I am once I'm actually eighteen. Hmmm.

Being sixteen was definitely the best year of my life. I've grown so much spiritually and I'm closer to God than ever before. Everything that happened this year is leading up to something bigger. I can hear God whispering it to me. At the end of two weeks, I will know what I'm supposed to be doing with the next two years of my life. The knowledge will be contained in a single letter. I wonder if the mailman delivering it to my house will understand exactly what he's placing in my mailbox the day that letter arrives. Probably not.

I've always wondered if mailmen think about the contents of the mail they're delivering. Every day one of these people delivers a life-changing piece of mail.

Hmmmm...wasn't expecting that rabbit trail. But then again, I did walk into an automatic door last Friday. Oh, and I almost got run down by an older man pushing a grocery cart. I'm quite the distractable person.

I spent the day in Seattle yesterday with my family. I was able to use my brand new Canon Rebel XSi. It was amazing. I got some really great photos. I'm really glad I do 4-H photography. And that I have a photography "like" page on FaceBook (click here to see it). I saw a wedding party getting their photos taken while in Seattle yesterday. It would be so much fun to be a wedding photographer. Definitely something I would love to do as a side business.

I'm considering becoming a junior leader in 4-H this year. The project I'm considering doing it in has absolutely no leaders whatsoever. Not in any clubs. So I'd like to be the one teaching it. But, I need to see if I can do it first. So I would like prayer for that. That I can see and understand God's will for this. Thank you. :)

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