Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am a Sinner. Needing a Savior.

I was wounded
But He has healed me.

I was broken
But now I am made whole.

My pain is great.
His arms are greater.

My struggle is big.
He is bigger.

My fears are crippling.
His peace is strengthening.

Who can I turn to?
Where can I go?

I have nowhere else better
Than the arms of my Lord.

My soul aches for eternity. 
My heart longs to see His face.

I was created.
For so much more than this.

My soul is eternal.
My body is mortal.

Someday soon
I'm going home.

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  1. I enjoyed this poem :)

    Ummm....was this REALLY posted at 2:30 am? How does that happen?